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Ted Weill, Councilmember


Planning Commission Ted Weill has been a desert resident for 22 years and was appointed to the City Council on December 20, 2012. In April 2014 he was elected to a 2- year term winning over 73% of the vote. He was overwhelming reelected in April 2016 to a four year term and became Mayor on April 21, 2016.

He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania and received his MBA from Pepperdine University, graduating with honors.

Ted is a Navy veteran, having served aboard the U.S.S. Randolph, CVA 15, assigned to the Sixth Fleet and deployed to the Persian Gulf. After completing his service, he moved to California in an executive training program with ABC Television. His passion was real estate where he formed Weill Financial Corporation. His company was involved in the development of master planned communities in California and Nevada and recreational vehicle parks. Ted has been active in banking and has taken a company public that was listed on the stock exchange.

He was Chairman of the Planning Commission where he served for six years and Co-Chairman of the Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board.

As a member of the City Council, he represents the City on the Transportation Committee to the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy, and the Cove Communities Services Commission which includes the Joslyn Senior Center.

He is the city's representative to the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), the Bighorn Institute and is a delegate to the Palm Springs Unified School District.

He is on the Sustainability Subcommittee and has been active in pursuing alternate forms of energy including the installation of solar at City Hall, the library and the maintenance facility.

Ted is a member of the Special Assistance Fund (SAF) Subcommittee which directs the City in regard to charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations. He has recently introduced changes in policy to provide for the distribution of funds to a greater number of deserving organizations.

Other activities include being a representative to the McCallum Theatre, Coachella Valley Animal Campus, Public Safety Committee and alternate delegate to the Sunline Transit Agency Board. He is a member of the Rancho Mirage Golf Club Subcommittee.

His strong real estate background provides to the City Council his expertise on the Affordable Housing Design Subcommittee which includes the San Jacinto (senior units) and Monterey Village (families). He has been actively involved in coordinating the purchase and development of the Rancho Las Palmas shopping center, a major visual link to our city. He has been a major contributor to the reopening of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which had been closed for seven years. He is active in the planned development of Section 19, 269 acres that will be the future economic engine of the City. The property is bordered by Bob Hope Drive to the west, Dinah Shore Drive to the south, the I-10 to the north and undeveloped land in the City of Palm Desert to the east. The area is planned for 3 million square feet of mixed use residential, commercial, retail and entertainment.

He is a member of the Section 31 subcommittee, the unimproved 618 acres between Bob Hope and Monterey on the West and East and Gerald Ford and Frank Sinatra on the North and South.

He is a member of the Eisenhower Medical Center Subcommittee and works cooperatively with representatives of Eisenhower Medical Center to ensure an effective partnership between the Medical Center and the City.

He introduced legislation to the City Council that limited a resident member to one Commission appointment, thus creating an opportunity for other residents to participate on City Commissions.

Ted was on the Board of Directors of the Hereditary Disease Foundation and his family was involved in the formation of United Cerebral Palsy. He has been a strong supporter of The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Other charitable interests include the RM Public Library Foundation, Barbara Sinatra Children's Center, Palm Springs Art Museum, Tolerance Education Center, Desert Aids, American Cancer Society and Braille Institute.

Ted and his wife Jenny have two children and five grandchildren.

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May I Introduce My Wife, Jenny Chin-Yu Weill

Jenny is the shining star in my life. Recently Charlie Barrett published this profile of Jenny in the Rancho Mirage News and I wanted to share it with all of you...

Planning Commission

Jenny Chin-Yu Weill of Rancho Mirage

The life story of Jenny Chin-Yu Weill of Rancho Mirage is truly one brimming with success and human perseverance.

The journey of Jenny Chin-Yu Weill dramatically reflects the fortitude and the will to overcome adversity. Jenny's parents left Canton, China in 1954 to escape from Communism and emigrated to Viet Nam where she was born. Her father became a successful developer building houses for the Chinese community in Saigon. They lived well, had a large home and were well respected in the community.

In 1975 the Communists invaded Saigon, changing the name to Ho Chi Minh City. The Communists immediately replaced the currency and overnight the family (Chinese name Hsu) were penniless. Jenny sold items in the street of anything she could find of value to survive. They scraped together enough money to pay for their escape via a boat overloaded with others seeking freedom. The boat sank after several hours at sea. Jenny and her family were captured and returned to shore. They were placed in detention camps separating the men from the women. Jenny did not see her father again for two years.

The Communists allowed them to emigrate to Taiwan in 1978. Jenny went to school during the day and worked in a factory at night. Eventually she got a job working at The Ritz Carlton in Taiwan and was promoted to Assistant Manager.

In 1990 the Ritz had an opening at their hotel here in Rancho Mirage. Jenny came to Rancho Mirage all alone, with little money and not fluent in English. Her college degree from Taiwan was not recognized in California, so she enrolled at Cal State San Bernardino that had a satellite campus at College of the Desert in Palm Desert. She had no car so rode her bicycle to college each day. If you have ever been to the Ritz in Rancho Mirage you know it sits atop a very steep hill here.

Fast forward…today Jenny is a successful CPA (certified public account) and financial analyst for the City of Palm Desert. She has been in government work for 15 years. With her husband, Ted Weill, a member of the Rancho Mirage City Council, she invested over the years in real estate. The couple have two children and five grandchildren.

People like Jenny Chin-Yu Weill are shining examples of the opportunities available in our great country and make us grateful for the freedom we enjoy.

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